A revolutionary OS/Programming Idea

Kyle Lahnakoski kyle@arcavia.com
Thu Nov 13 07:10:02 2003

As was discussed in April or May, Fare has deferred Tunes direction to 
Brian, and Brian has made it clear that Tunes is not for learning, just 
research. The Tunes project exists to develop Tunes with current 
experts, or experts lured to Tunes’ ideas.

With this premise you can understand why Jeff is so pissed.

Jeff Cutsinger wrote:
 >So you guys come on this list proclaiming poorly rethought old ideas
 >as if they are revolutionary,...

By “you guys” posting drivel, Jeff and the other current Tunes experts 
are each wasting many man-minuits reading posts. The combined total time 
wasted by all Tunes experts most certainly reaches into the man-hours, 
and is significantly reducing the research time.

 >You guys (aleric, newman, mdupont, some others on this list) just
 >don't do your homework. This kind of stuff has been around *forever*
 >(which, in computer terms, means about 20 years). In addition, it was
 >done in more interesting ways.

Again, Tunes is not for learning. So, before anyone posts an idea to the 
Tunes list, they should check human history for anything similar. If a 
similar idea is found, then it, and variations of it, are not to be 

 >Oh, and shut your mouth. ... So please stop being an embarrassment to
 >this project. Please!

Embarrassing the Tunes project violates the project goal to attract 
Tunes experts. Experts are usually swamped with employment demands so 
Tunes is under extreme pressure to attract what little time they have 
left. The best way to attract an expert is to eliminate the number of 
ignorant discussions associated with the project. Experts are *not* 
attracted to the technical aspects of a project, but rather the project 
demeanor. We can see this point when we consider the lack of C++ lovers 
in #java is because #java has too many ignorant comments.

 >Get on tunes.org. read it for a while. How much makes
 >sense to you? Do you think this is because it is poorly written?
 >Partially it is. But people like Fare, Armin, Massimo, and yes, water,
 >get most of it. If you don't, it's not that the website has a problem.
 >It's that you are:
 >1. Stupid, or
 >2. Ignorant, or
 >3. Both.

The Cliki is a well written and comprehensive tutorial on basic Tunes 
concepts. Those newbies that think the Cliki looks more like a reference 
manual rather than a tutorial are obviously stupid. Those newbies that 
think the Cliki looks like a list of links rather than a description of 
the concept titled are obviously ignorant of what those links contain.

 >And before you go whining about how it's so hard to learn about Tunes, 
 >keep in mind that it is still being *formulated*. It's still in the
 >design phase. This is, for such a (truly) revolutionary project like 
 >Tunes, the most difficult part. Once everything that makes Tunes Tunes
 >is written down precisely, then it gets easy.

To write anything down precisely will only result in something that is 
not Tunes. The only way to understand Tunes is to have Tunes. So, until 
the day that Tunes pops into existence, the concepts will be *very* 
difficult to grasp.

The newbie problem continues to appear on the tunes mailing list and 
IRC. I suggest limiting the mailing list posts and the IRC messages to 
only the experts. I also suggest adding some of Jeff’s own comments to 
the Tunes main page to help reduce newbie involvement:
 > If you are having a difficult time understanding Tunes, then
 > honestly, you can't contribute much at this point. Spend your time
 > learning, watch the interesting stuff that will happen ... and
 > consider yourself lucky to be here seeing these geniuses shape our
 > future. Oh, and shut your mouth. OK?


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