A revolutionary OS/Programming Idea

Tom Novelli tom@tunes.org
Tue Nov 18 13:16:01 2003

Kyle Lahnakoski wrote:
> As was discussed in April or May, Fare has deferred Tunes direction to 
> Brian, and Brian has made it clear that Tunes is not for learning, just 
> research. The Tunes project exists to develop Tunes with current 
> experts, or experts lured to Tunes? ideas.
> With this premise you can understand why Jeff is so pissed.
> Jeff Cutsinger wrote:
>  >So you guys come on this list proclaiming poorly rethought old ideas
>  >as if they are revolutionary,...
> By ?you guys? posting drivel, Jeff and the other current Tunes experts 
> are each wasting many man-minuits reading posts. The combined total time 
> wasted by all Tunes experts most certainly reaches into the man-hours, 
> and is significantly reducing the research time.

You're absolutely right, this is all idle chatter.  "Design by committee"
doesn't work.  Most revolutionary ideas are just plain stupid.  And, uh,
what else is there?  The novices would be better served by universities and
the 'experts' would be better off on their own.  I think TUNES is in
conflict with its free-software ideals.. somebody needs to take charge and
start a business venture in order to carry out a project even half this
magnitude.  I wouldn't gamble my money on it, but maybe if this company
didn't get too big for its britches, found a niche not occupied by
Microsoft, realized that the 'spam factor' will obliterate the mass market
for computer stuff, and geared its products toward people with a real need
to program computers.. but wait, isn't Linux "good enough" for them?
I'm sorry to say, I don't see a bright future for programmers.