A revolutionary OS/Programming Idea

Jeff Cutsinger seaslug@tunes.org
Thu Nov 13 11:51:01 2003

Kyle Lahnakoski <kyle@arcavia.com> said:

> The newbie problem continues to appear on the tunes mailing list and 
> IRC. I suggest limiting the mailing list posts and the IRC messages to 
> only the experts. I also suggest adding some of Jeff’s own comments to 
> the Tunes main page to help reduce newbie involvement:
>  > If you are having a difficult time understanding Tunes, then
>  > honestly, you can't contribute much at this point. Spend your time
>  > learning, watch the interesting stuff that will happen ... and
>  > consider yourself lucky to be here seeing these geniuses shape our
>  > future. Oh, and shut your mouth. OK?

Fantastic idea. I really think we ought to add a "here there be dragons"
warning to the front page, because your typical programmer is certainly not
ready for these concepts. I think that has been clearly demonstrated several
times before.