CTO fixes

Francois-Rene Rideau fare at tunes.org
Wed May 19 08:59:16 PDT 2004

Dear CTO users,

(reminder: CTO is
), I've fixed a few issues with CLiki, notably its link indexing amnesia.
Backlinks and topic contents should now be maintained correctly,
and links should take into account water-style _(label|link) stuff. Pphew!

The server was briefly down while I was upgrading it,
my testing on an experimental setup wasn't thorough enough:
I tested incremental modifications incrementally,
and forgot to test a server launch from scratch;
there was a bug in an initialization routine. Darn.
Plus I removed pages that had overlapping titles
(maybe dating from the days back when cliki made case difference).
Now, everything seems to be working fine.

Now, I haven't fixed the things that were making the cliki unstable,
and have experienced some unstability and/or slowness before and after
my patching the server, so unhappily I may still

Tril: I've configured CTO as a reverse-proxy-serve-events-listener.
I tried to modify the apache configuration by hand in
but you are (re)generating it automatically from your database,
and the port redirection seems to survive my modifying and running
so I don't know how to make the proper changes.
Using apache as a front-end might make CTO more stable,
at the price of keeping the bugs in there.
Please see instructions enclosed in

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