tunes todo list for february 2005

Faré fahree at
Tue Jan 25 12:09:34 PST 2005

Dear TUNESers,

here are a few things I officially commit to do for TUNES before the
end of february 2005. Help welcome.

* rehaul the site Update the information, make it more
readable, make it easier for a reader to identify what is interesting
to him, if anything. Time lacking, I won't do anything fancy, just a
clarification. Help welcome: writers to add/fix contents, HTML workers
to make it fancy (CSS, etc.), Lispers to migrate it to some CL-HTML
system, etc.
Next step: change the main page to reflect recent changes.

* I'll write an article about the dynamic point of view on computing
vs the static "cult-of-the-dead" view on computing. Help welcome:
bibliographical data.

* I'll start and maintain an official TODO list for TUNES. Help
welcome: edit it on the Cliki.

* I'll start and maintain a list of "term projects" related to the
TUNES project. These should be coding projects that are doable by a
student in a few months, whether in an academic or an autodidactic
setting, and yield an immediately useful result. Your suggestions are
welcome, as are your volunteering for one of them. The page previously
announced on this list will serve as the basis for it:

* As far as my personal coding goes, I'll experiment further with the
CL fare-matcher and quasiquote implementation, and packaging it all
for asdf-install. Notable issues are the way that fare-matcher expands
intermediate bindings, the way that quasiquote can work with syntax
extension beyond sexp (things like vector, array or structure syntax).
The former is mostly an implementation refactoring issue (though with
implications in case fare-matcher is made to work with backtracking),
and the latter is an interesting semantic issue with implications in
any metalanguage. Help welcome: interesting tidbits on how this latter
issue is handled in other metalanguages.

I invite those of you who have interest in the TUNES project to help
me on these, to suggest improvements to this plan, and to chide me
should I fail to stand by it. You may also commit to doing things for

I'll come back to you at worst on Saturday 2005-03-05 for an update on
those commitments.

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God, Grant me
the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

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