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Brian Rice water at
Tue Jan 25 18:29:04 PST 2005

Excellent. I don't have too much feedback /now/ other than what we've 
discussed off-list about wiki/blog media integration. The Slate website 
was also "spiced up": with a new CSS and we 
have a volunteer working on some small automations for project 

On Jan 25, 2005, at 12:09 PM, Faré wrote:

> Dear TUNESers,
> here are a few things I officially commit to do for TUNES before the
> end of february 2005. Help welcome.
> * rehaul the site Update the information, make it more
> readable, make it easier for a reader to identify what is interesting
> to him, if anything. Time lacking, I won't do anything fancy, just a
> clarification. Help welcome: writers to add/fix contents, HTML workers
> to make it fancy (CSS, etc.), Lispers to migrate it to some CL-HTML
> system, etc.
> Next step: change the main page to reflect recent changes.
> * I'll write an article about the dynamic point of view on computing
> vs the static "cult-of-the-dead" view on computing. Help welcome:
> bibliographical data.
> * I'll start and maintain an official TODO list for TUNES. Help
> welcome: edit it on the Cliki.
> * I'll start and maintain a list of "term projects" related to the
> TUNES project. These should be coding projects that are doable by a
> student in a few months, whether in an academic or an autodidactic
> setting, and yield an immediately useful result. Your suggestions are
> welcome, as are your volunteering for one of them. The page previously
> announced on this list will serve as the basis for it:
> * As far as my personal coding goes, I'll experiment further with the
> CL fare-matcher and quasiquote implementation, and packaging it all
> for asdf-install. Notable issues are the way that fare-matcher expands
> intermediate bindings, the way that quasiquote can work with syntax
> extension beyond sexp (things like vector, array or structure syntax).
> The former is mostly an implementation refactoring issue (though with
> implications in case fare-matcher is made to work with backtracking),
> and the latter is an interesting semantic issue with implications in
> any metalanguage. Help welcome: interesting tidbits on how this latter
> issue is handled in other metalanguages.
> I invite those of you who have interest in the TUNES project to help
> me on these, to suggest improvements to this plan, and to chide me
> should I fail to stand by it. You may also commit to doing things for
> I'll come back to you at worst on Saturday 2005-03-05 for an update on
> those commitments.
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