Faré fahree at
Fri Nov 11 15:55:18 PST 2005

I created a database account for the Tunes wiki. I still have issues
with keeping a regular schedule for working, sleeping, eating, tunes,
etc. Use IM or SMS for any urgent issue (ask in private).

On 11/11/05, Thomas Novelli <tnovelli at> wrote:
> I'm having LocalSettings.php problems too... I turned off "Your Logo Here"
> the other day, and the change took immediate effect, without restarting
> wiki.  Now it's back, and LocalSettings seems to have no effect.  Obviously
> I need to solve that problem... probably permissions or something.  Man, PHP
> is ugly -- C, Perl, and HTML, combined -- and this is a complex piece of
> software... But, it works for Wikipedia...
>  On the upside, I'm ready to bulk-import CLiki pages to Mediawiki.
>  Tril/Fare/Brian: Will I need root's intervention to setup a Mysql database?
>  And should we use the 'tunes' account, or create a separate wiki account?
>  BTW, Fare's not missing, he's just ignoring us. Look at his Livejournal...

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