Fwd: The special session of IPMU 2006 on Metaknowledge has been accepted

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If any of you can be in France next year, here's a conference that
will feature a session on Metaknowledge...

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Date: 10-Nov-2005 09:01
Subject: The special session of IPMU 2006 on Metaknowledge has been accepted
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               Special session on Metaknowledge

                         IPMU 2006
                  Paris, France, July 2-7, 2006

                  Organizer : Tristan Cazenave

This session will focus on knowledge about knowledge (Metaknowledge) and
reasoning about reasoning (Metareasoning). When a system has to handle
large and possibly hetereogenous knowledge sources it can be useful to
use metaknowledge in order to use, transform, find, or discover
knowledge. Similarly when a system has different reasoning
possibilities, it can be useful to use metareasoning to reason, choose,
or monitor reasoning.

Keywords : Metaknowledge, Metareasoning, Self-Observation,
Metaprogramming, Reflection

Important dates :

December 15th, 2005 :  Papers Submission Deadline
February 1st, 2006 :   Notification of acceptance/rejection
March 31st, 2006 :     Camera-ready papers Deadline

The papers should be sent to cazenave at ai.univ-paris8.fr in pdf format.

Conference in Paris July 2-7th, 2006


Best regards,

Tristan Cazenave.

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