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Sat Oct 22 17:24:38 PDT 2005

On 19/10/05, Hendrik Boom <hendrik at pooq.com> wrote:
> I've been working on a threaded-code interpreter that may satisfy
> some of the needs of the TUENS project.  It's not FORTH, it's strongly
> typed, it's garbage-collected, and it's barely reaching the pre-alpha stage.
> It is designed so that it *could* have its innards replaced by something
> that generates efficient, optimised machine-code without doing much to
> the programs run on it.
Have you taken a look at the CAM that serves as the basis of CAML?
It's a mostly stack virtual machine. See Xavier Leroy's article about
"The Zinc Experiment", in which he reimplemented CAML using a portable
bytecode. CAML was originally implemented in Le-Lisp. Xleroy
bootstrapped it into using his bytecode interpreter, yielding
caml-light, which evolved into a wordcode interpreter, caml-sl
(special light), which became OCaml, and nowadays also has a native
code compiler.

> Unlike the discussions that took place years and years ago on one
> of the TUNES forums, it type-marks the integers instead of the pointers.
Remarkably, so does the OCaml VM.

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