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Gustavo Lacerda tunes at
Wed Aug 2 16:10:43 PDT 2006

Dear Fare, TUNESers,

I've just edited a few articles (mostly for English style, grammar and
flow), and I would like to make sure that I interpreted them
correctly, in particular the article "Reflection".

Unfortunately the "my contributions" page is broken:

Besides "Reflection" I remember editing these:
* Fare
* Tunes FAQ
* Glossary

I also created:
* orthogonal persistence (needs editing)

Btw, I would like to follow the Wikipedia standard of lower-case for
all things that are not proper names. Is this agreed?
e.g. we use "Machine learning" to mean the discipline, because
"Machine Learning" would refer to a journal or conference with this
title. Moving a page automatically creates a redirect, so the
resulting broken links are easy to fix.


Gustavo Lacerda

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