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Massimo Dentico m.dentico at
Sun Aug 6 06:25:49 PDT 2006

[BCCed to Gustavo]

> Dear Fare, TUNESers,
> I've just edited a few articles (mostly for English style,
> grammar and flow), and I would like to make sure that I
> interpreted them correctly, in particular the article
> "Reflection".

Thank you for your contributions, Gustavo.

> Unfortunately the "my contributions" page is broken:

Yes, as other "special pages", for example "What links

> Besides "Reflection" I remember editing these:
> * Fare
> * Tunes FAQ
> * Glossary
> I also created:
> * orthogonal persistence (needs editing)

I redirected this page to "Orthogonal Persistence",
moving your comment at its bottom.

> Btw, I would like to follow the Wikipedia standard
> of lower-case for all things that are not proper names.
> Is this agreed? e.g. we use "Machine learning" to mean
> the discipline, because "Machine Learning" would refer
> to a journal or conference with this title. Moving a
> page automatically creates a redirect, so the resulting
> broken links are easy to fix.

These are all problems caused by the transition from
CLiki to MediaWiki. Apparently, I'm the only one that
occasionally pay attention to our wiki (mostly banning
spammers and reformatting pages, I don't add much content
these days as was in the past). My motivation has gone,
so I do very little to mantain this wiki.

You asked "Where are efforts currently being spent?"
(see log comment by him:
2 August 2006). To my knowledge the answer is "nowhere".
But I hope to be wrong...

> -- 
> Gustavo Lacerda


Massimo Dentico

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