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Massimo Dentico m.dentico at
Mon Aug 7 05:50:33 PDT 2006

Thomas Novelli wrote:

> Mediawiki is a piece of junk... I set it up here,
> so I should know :-)

Tom this is *our* faults, not only yours.

Gustavo Lacerda wrote:

> Instead of going back and forth every few months,
> or making an arbitrary choice, I think we should
> settle this issue at once, with good arguments.

I agree completely. MediaWiki was a quick'n'dirty
"solution", a clear example of outcomes produced by
lack of thinking and planning (see my replay to Ronald
Vos in the thread "A plan for implementing TUNES").

It is so easy to produce crap accidentally, even
with the best of intentions which were the motivations
of this transition. 

> ...unless we have easy, quick ways of migrating
> across different wikis.

Not to my knowledge.

> Any ideas about this?

I fear that this would be a waste of efforts
until some tool like our Metatranslator will be


Massimo Dentico

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