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Gustavo Lacerda tunes at
Sun Aug 6 12:30:53 PDT 2006

> Mediawiki is a piece of junk... I set it up here, so I should know :-)

I set it up here too, and I have no major complaints about it. It's up
at . Nothing is broken, AFAICT.

Does anyone know why the special pages are broken on the TUNES wiki?
Did they ever work?

>  I think some of that stuff used to work until Tril upgraded the system a few
> months ago.  It may work well enough for Wikipedia, but it's not what we
> need.

Instead of going back and forth every few months, or making an
arbitrary choice, I think we should settle this issue at once, with
good arguments. ...unless we have easy, quick ways of migrating across
different wikis. Any ideas about this?

 > CLiki was nice, clean, and relatively fast... it only lacked adequate spam
> control.  I will happily make the conversion back to CLiki or some other
> suitable wiki... heck, I could even write one... But there ought to be a
> Wiki that'll work right out of the box... any suggestions?

I'm not a particularly patient or knowledgeable hacker, but MediaWiki
worked for me.


Gustavo Lacerda

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