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M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb at
Sun Nov 19 18:13:24 PST 2006

Tom Novelli wrote:
> Python hasn't exactly been smooth sailing... I'm confused about what's
> the current "right way" to do CGI.  I think maybe it's Ruby... I was
> playing with it last weekend and starting to like it... I'll have to
> look into that for Phase II.  In any case, I'll have a lot to say
> about "best practices" when I'm done with this.
The current "right way" to do web applications is Ruby on Rails. But 
that's not exactly CGI -- more like a bunch of clever hacks. The "state 
of the art" is probably Mongrel, a web server designed for Rails. Have a 
look at the Radiant CMS if you want a Rails-based CMS.
> I think I just picked up Lyme disease, so bear with me if I'm spaced
> out for a few weeks :-)
Ick ... get prompt medical attention. If you get an accurate early 
diagnosis, it's very treatable, but if you put it off, it's nasty!

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