CMS update

Tom Novelli tnovelli at
Sun Nov 19 19:07:25 PST 2006

On 11/19/06, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky <znmeb at> wrote:
> The current "right way" to do web applications is Ruby on Rails. But
> that's not exactly CGI -- more like a bunch of clever hacks. The "state
> of the art" is probably Mongrel, a web server designed for Rails. Have a
> look at the Radiant CMS if you want a Rails-based CMS.

Right... "they" say that Rails is pretty efficient, and Mongrel is
probably overkill unless TUNES becomes the next Slashdot -- and it
won't, but at least we'd have an easy migration path if we use Rails
for Phase II.  If it's as expedient, elegant and reliable as it's
cracked up to be, I want it.  If there's not a clear choice, it might
be fun to develop separate Python and Ruby front-ends to the CMS for a

> > I think I just picked up Lyme disease, so bear with me if I'm spaced
> > out for a few weeks :-)
> Ick ... get prompt medical attention. If you get an accurate early
> diagnosis, it's very treatable, but if you put it off, it's nasty!
Thanks, I'll get to the doctor at the first sign... my boss is already
on a prophylactic treatment, having had a definite tick bite.  I
usually notice them before they dig in.  No big deal, anyway, just a
job hazard :-)

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