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Tom Novelli tnovelli at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 14:17:43 PST 2006

I haven't tried VoiP, and I'm not willing to spend any time or money
on it. I've got a win98 box with a microphone & speakers/headphones
(for Audacity!)... Will that work for Skype?

I'd rather use the cellphone and talk to one person at a time.
There's also IRC/IM but I think that's a waste of time... I like the
phone & email..

Also, what hours are you guys available?  Generally I'm available from
5-10pm weekdays, 7am-11pm weekends (Eastern Time)

Is there anything going on in Cambridge the next few weekends?

- Tom

On 10/30/06, Faré <fahree at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm fahree on skype. I haven't tried a free-software-based VoIP yet
> but I suppose we could install a server on bespin, though we might
> require user-mode-linux or some such for that.
> Thanks a lot to Tril and you for getting the server running!
> Local news: I'm trying to start something with Patrick Collison of
> CROMA fame who is now at MIT. We intend to start from Ian Piumarta's
> pepsi and build something from it: add persistence and a UI, maybe
> build mzscheme, CL and/or Slate compatibility layers. Hopefully, we
> may recruit more people around here along the way, to build a kernel
> of hackers around Boston. Nothing replaces head-to-head communication!
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