[TDP] On easy software deployment (was: Alternative to mark-uplanguages)

Massimo Dentico m.dentico at virgilio.it
Mon Apr 2 04:48:12 PDT 2007

Tom Novelli wrote:

> Might OCAML be a useful language...?

Do you have any particular reason for choosing OCAML?

I cannot go into details about programming languages
right now, I'm leaving. I think that we can continue
to use Python at least in this phase (fully hosted).

Quickly, some requirements are:

1) features based on psychological consideration:
2) compact implementation;
3) fast implementation with the minimum effort

> And plan on using that until something drastically better comes along.

I have ideas on this subject also.

> Here's a list of pages from both wikis, side by side for comparison:
> http://tom.bespin.org/tuneswiki.html
> There are only about 150 newer pages in Mediawiki, and some of those
> have very slight changes... You may be better off dealing with CLiki
> programmatically, and Mediawiki by hand.

Thanks, this is useful.

> I'm also thinking about a CMS interface for the mailing list archives.
> This is mainly to allow for better indexing.
> Tom

Have a look here for ideas:

  http://zoe.nu/ (click on ZOË in the left menu)

They make perhaps too much use of links, which is not
our ideal as we have discussed privately. But is a
starting point.


Massimo Dentico

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