[TDP] On easy software deployment (was: Alternative to mark-uplanguages)

Tom Novelli tnovelli at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 05:37:21 PDT 2007

Hey Massimo,

Have a good time wherever you're going... we can pick up on this the
weekend after next.

> > Might OCAML be a useful language...?
> Do you have any particular reason for choosing OCAML?
> I cannot go into details about programming languages
> right now, I'm leaving. I think that we can continue
> to use Python at least in this phase (fully hosted).

Of course we'll stick with Python (and SQLite) for now.  Very good.  I
feel better about proceeding with this CMS now that you and Fare (and
presumably Armin) are on board.  I'll plan on testing it soon.

Some of OCAML's strong points: (1) Native code compiler with speed
approaching C, and (2) Static type checking catches more errors at
compile-time.  It's also primarily a functional language, which has
its pros and cons.

Python is more accessible to more people, which is important.  PyLint,
FastCGI, PARROT, PyPy, etc. could help to overcome some of Python's


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