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Tom Novelli tnovelli at
Fri Aug 31 20:46:56 PDT 2007

A few years ago, Tril set up a membership database [1].  There was some 
talk [2] about the need to distinguish between Lurkers, Members (who 
read this mailing list), and Contributors.  It's simply "too much 
information".  So I'm dealing with that now.

This is the one place you can post your "profile" on the Tunes website, 
now that the Wiki/Cliki is down.  You should be able to edit your 
information.  Email me if you have any trouble.

Later, I'll tie this into some other stuff on the website, like that CMS 
I was working on.  I don't think we want to run a blog... this is fairly 
permanent material... but some interactivity would be nice, so that all 
members (that we trust) can help with website editing.

1. Membership database:
New short form:

2. Discussion:

Aside from that, I've been musing on those 2003 discussions... For one 
thing, I think we need a new, simplified Charter; the current one 
addresses the concerns of a big rapidly-developed project, and offers 
little guidance for the current reality.  And it seems too democratic, 
especially now, when we hardly have a quorum, and we really have more of 
a rotating dictatorship.

Another subject that came up was: How do we include "novices" who are 
eager to help?  Or shouldn't we?  And should we try to lay out a 
curriculum (the "Learning Lounge") or just let them figure it out 
themselves?  I think there are too many programming language 
"subcultures" out there, all with their own peculiar terminology, to 
distract novices (and not-so-novices).  We need a unifying culture shift 
before we can fully and coherently explain the key concepts of 
computing.  This shift seems to be happening, and we can help it 
along... The challenge is *communication*, and for that, you don't have 
to be part of the academic elite.  Don't expect a leadership role or any 
great recognition, but as far as I'm concerned, if your technical 
knowledge is only "novice" or "intermediate", you're still welcome here, 
even if you do ask "stupid" questions from time to time.  Just don't 
push your luck.  [End Rant]

- Tom Novelli

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