Tom Novelli tnovelli at
Sun Feb 11 06:55:16 PST 2007

Hello everyone...

I was hoping to make better progress on the Tunes website, but I've
been way too busy with car shopping, wedding plans, etc. and doing a
bunch of paperwork so that I can possibly go to UMass Amherst this
fall and actually get a degree in Computer Science.

Since nobody has volunteered, I'll take it upon myself to selectively
migrate old web pages to the new site.  That just means it'll be
smaller and more coherent, which isn't such a bad thing...

It appears the website isn't going anywhere until the "blog" feature
is there and the whole thing _looks_ finished.  Or maybe nobody is
interested in this stuff anymore, which is too bad, because progress
is being made.  Anyway, I'm working on a new CMS version using SQLite
instead of MySQL... it's much easier to work with, and faster.   I've
also looked into "AJAX"... it's pretty simple, so I will definitely
incorporate that into this new version.


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