Brian Rice water at
Sun Feb 11 10:23:15 PST 2007

I mean no offense, but if you're really that busy with other  
activities, than I'd rather NOT have the site run on your custom  
hacked-code, and instead prefer a CMS which has a reasonable  
community of developers around it who solve most of the problems. I  
think I've stated this already, but probably should have criticized  
your idea more harshly since I always thought of it as a waste of time.

The problem with Cliki, for example, was that no one maintained it  
but one relatively cranky and unavailable guy (who's a great person,  
but not suitable to maintain such a project).

I want the site's message to stay up, even if that means that the  
container for it kind of sucks.

On Feb 11, 2007, at 6:55 AM, Tom Novelli wrote:

> Hello everyone...
> I was hoping to make better progress on the Tunes website, but I've
> been way too busy with car shopping, wedding plans, etc. and doing a
> bunch of paperwork so that I can possibly go to UMass Amherst this
> fall and actually get a degree in Computer Science.
> Since nobody has volunteered, I'll take it upon myself to selectively
> migrate old web pages to the new site.  That just means it'll be
> smaller and more coherent, which isn't such a bad thing...
> It appears the website isn't going anywhere until the "blog" feature
> is there and the whole thing _looks_ finished.  Or maybe nobody is
> interested in this stuff anymore, which is too bad, because progress
> is being made.  Anyway, I'm working on a new CMS version using SQLite
> instead of MySQL... it's much easier to work with, and faster.   I've
> also looked into "AJAX"... it's pretty simple, so I will definitely
> incorporate that into this new version.
> Tom


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