Tom Novelli tnovelli at
Sun Feb 11 13:26:16 PST 2007

No offense taken... I often feel it's a waste of time myself, until I
remind myself that I've been meaning to study up on this stuff (AJAX,
Graph Theory, etc.)  I won't be so busy in a few months, and I'll be
devoting more time to software projects like this, especially if I go
back to school.  I also have a longstanding interest in developing
better document formatting/publishing software... this isn't like my
short-lived interest in Forth :-)

This CMS is intended to be simple and understandable, with only a few
well-supported dependencies (Python 2.5 and SQLite 3), hierarchical
organization, and a spartan markup notation, with hooks for alternate
document formats.  Another requirement is that the markup converter
also be implemented in Javascript.  If absolutely necessary, the CMS
could be rewritten in C.

Now, I searched and asked around a bit, but I couldn't find a
_finished_ CMS to fit that description... if one turns up, let's use
it... otherwise I'd like to offer my own simple CMS and build up a
sizable user community so that it doesn't depend on me for support.
(Although I'd be glad to support it if I can make a decent buck!)

- Tom

On 2/11/07, Brian Rice <water at> wrote:
> I mean no offense, but if you're really that busy with other
> activities, than I'd rather NOT have the site run on your custom
> hacked-code, and instead prefer a CMS which has a reasonable
> community of developers around it who solve most of the problems. I
> think I've stated this already, but probably should have criticized
> your idea more harshly since I always thought of it as a waste of time.
> The problem with Cliki, for example, was that no one maintained it
> but one relatively cranky and unavailable guy (who's a great person,
> but not suitable to maintain such a project).
> I want the site's message to stay up, even if that means that the
> container for it kind of sucks.

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