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Sun Mar 11 20:13:32 PDT 2007


Those are great motivational questions...

   The top priority is popularizing our vision... If we can make
people aware of what's possible by solving the persistent problems of
computing, then they'll demand it.  Without that demand, I can't see
it happening.
   Organizing the website is a first step.  You've probably seen my
CMS prototype... I'm only trying to address the problems with
maintenance and disorganization that we've had with Wikis... There are
2000+ wiki pages to sort through (my job)... Out of those, there'll be
perhaps 200 pages to clean up (or rewrite) as we transfer them into
the CMS.  We also have 15 years of mailing list archives and some IRC
chat transcripts... I'd like to incorporate those into the CMS and
index the important discussions.
   I'm getting ready to roll out a new CMS with a nice fast DHTML/AJAX
interface.  Then we could use some help editing the website, getting
the word out, etc.  I'd hazard a guess that you're a good writer... if
you'd like to contribute that way, we'd sure appreciate it... feel
free to pick our brains about the finer points of Tunes.

Tunes is basically vaporware, or more politely, a "visionary
meta-project".  We offer guidance based on our research, experiments,
experience, gut feelings, etc.
The issues we're most concerned with, in order, are:
1. Organizing information in meaningful ways
2. Standards -- good, sensible, efficient, free/open standards
3. Programming language design, interoperability, unification, etc.
4. Operating system design (our original goal)

There's been talk of having actual physical meetings (more than 2 or 3
people, but nothing too formal), maybe a few times per year, near
Portland or Seattle, Boston, New York, Paris, etc.  We should start
planning something for this summer.  Make that priority #2.

Any more questions?

- Tom

On 3/10/07, Keith Poole <keith.poole at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been looking around the Tunes website and I'm very interested by
> the aims of the project, but the information available on the website is
> somewhat brief.  I was wondering what the status of the project was,
> what help (if any) you're looking for and what the plans were for the future
> Cheers
> Keith

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