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Tue Mar 13 07:29:07 PDT 2007

I'd like to finish up the CMS and the historical/static website content, so
if you can cover "current events" that'd be great.  Are you following any
projects or issues that might be of interest to us?

As for something concrete, we shouldn't underestimate the inspirational
power of a new proof-of-concept OS.  It's important not to take this too
seriously -- no name, no website, no long-winded formal specifications --
just a simple OS written in a simple language like Javascript (with the ECMA
static typing extension), with Garbage Collection and a Persistent Object
Store implemented at the OS level.  All high-level, no support for C,
Assembler, etc.  Drivers for VESA video, USB, ethernet/wireless,
TCP/IP/HTTP, and a simplistic XML/XHTML browser.  Fare seems to think it's
doable, and we could build upon Ian Piumarta's work...

The "right thing" would be to survey all the important/popular languages
(Lisp, Perl, Python, Ruby, Javascript, ML, Haskell...) and do a _thorough_
comparison of semantics & libraries (and how style & syntax are intertwined
with semantics), then suggest changes to better integrate and unify these
languages.  But I doubt anyone has the discipline to do that.

- Tom

On 3/12/07, Keith Poole <keith.poole at> wrote:
> I didn't realise this project had been going on for so long :)  These
> days a good website is vital - one that changes on a regular basis to
> show things are happening.
> I'd really like to see some information on what people see as the
> direction Tunes will be going in - the parts of the website I've found
> so far sound interesting, but seeing more concrete details would be
> nice.  If I can help with the organisation, let me know.  Just to fill
> you in on my background I've been a developer for over 20 years and have
> had worked on everything from assembler language (mainframes,
> minicomputers and various microcomputers), through Unix development to
> Java.  I'd really like to see something more useful - in those 20 years
> I don't think operating systems have changed much, just added
> eye-candy,  that's one of the reasons I'm so interested in the Tunes
> project.  I think we do need a new direction in computing environments
> rather than just another Unix clone.
> Keith
> Oh, and if you're organising meetings, Europe would be much better for me
> ;)
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