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Mon Mar 19 20:03:05 PDT 2007

Massimo, welcome back!

On 3/19/07, Massimo Dentico <m.dentico at> wrote:

> > (i.e. How would TUNES solve these problems, ideally?)
> Well, this is *exactly* the problem: I constantly
> end up thinking about TUNES; in particular, regarding
> your current effort, about Tunes Distributed Publishing [1]
> (TDP from now on) and how much it is *different* from the
> current Web.
> I had begun to write a long e-mail to you at least four
> times. Each time I stop, thinking that what I wrote will
> discourage your current effort.

I know.  It was discouraging criticism that brought this project to a
standstill.  Thank you for your concern.  The CMS is a "temporary"
expedient... I'm finding it helpful, but it does leave A LOT to be
desired.  Feel free to bash it all you want :-)

TDP hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.  Right now it would be
really nice to have a general mechanism for version control and
annotations.  I know what I want, but I don't have the answers, so I'm
looking to someone with more expertise in this area.

What would TDP look like?  Something like an XML DOM tree, without the
stupid markup, perhaps?  "Links" would be references to objects,
ranging in size from single letters to book-length.  But would you
reference a certain version "frozen in time", or the current version?
And if it's gone, how would the system try to handle it gracefully?
And finally, would you store it all in a relational database, or what?
....... Just some "food for thought."

> When time permits, I will begin a series of e-mails (one
> is in preparation, subject: current mark-up languages and
> a proposal for a quite different solution) with critics
> of current situation AND pratical contribution, trying
> to stick to one point and not diverge too much.

The existing TDP pages are 99% negative criticism... I'm really
looking forward to your practical suggestions.  I don't mean to rush
you... maybe you could send me a draft copy to proofread... :-)

Seriously, I'm busy enough without this, but I want to get the ball rolling.

> P.S.: please, do NOT delete or overwrite old content.
>       Thank you!

Just in case, we have backups!

- Tom

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