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Mon Mar 19 18:33:51 PDT 2007

In a private e-mail, Tom Novelli wrote:

> Haven't heard from you in a while...

Sorry Tom, this was a quite long "in a while".

> Are you still interested in the Tunes CMS?
> I'm thinking about future developments...
> (i.e. How would TUNES solve these problems, ideally?)

Well, this is *exactly* the problem: I constantly
end up thinking about TUNES; in particular, regarding
your current effort, about Tunes Distributed Publishing [1]
(TDP from now on) and how much it is *different* from the
current Web.

I had begun to write a long e-mail to you at least four
times. Each time I stop, thinking that what I wrote will
discourage your current effort.

"To boostrap FULL TUNES we need FULL TUNES", I think this
summarize well the reasons of our long paralysis.

So, there are no shortcut: we need to approach TUNES
one small step a time. And please: be NOT discouraged!

When time permits, I will begin a series of e-mails (one
is in preparation, subject: current mark-up languages and
a proposal for a quite different solution) with critics
of current situation AND pratical contribution, trying
to stick to one point and not diverge too much.


P.S.: please, do NOT delete or overwrite old content.
      Thank you!


1. Tunes Distributed Publishing

Massimo Dentico

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