A job for volunteers (was: TUNES Update)

Massimo Dentico m.dentico at virgilio.it
Wed Mar 21 07:02:40 PDT 2007

On Tuesday, March 20, 2007 4:44 PM
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky wrote:

> ..
> I'm not sure there's a common core at the OS level yet
> -- the Windows kernel and all the Unix-alike kernels are
> fundamentally different in a number of non-trivial ways.
> So that's the level where I think there's the greatest
> opportunity for innovation -- a microkernel, if you will,

Please, read here:

    (click on "object": nothing to do with OO)





Hey, this is not his fault, most of the nodes
are hidden somewhere. I'm literally cursing..
I have difficulties to retrieve my own contributions!

This because listings in categories were lost
in translation from Cliki to MediaWiki.

On our old wiki


if you see something like, for example:

  /("paradigm" :attribute :topic :match :exact)



it is a listing of nodes in category "paradigm"
in our old Cliki.

I had started with a manual conversion, some times
ago, but there was a problem, an interference between
categories and redirections (if you come from a redir,
it not shown the listing of nodes in such category
at the bottom of page). So, I gave up.

If someone has suggestions.. please, speak now!

> that can efficiently support Windows and Unix.
> ..

ARGH! Both stratification of crap over crap.
I'm dreaming liberation from these nightmares
even before coming to TUNES.

Massimo Dentico

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