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Do you have a link to your "user-declared safe-point" thesis?

Do you already have a plan for reversible compilation?  How do you
prevent the loss of high level intent during compilation?  Do you plan
to annotate the low-level code?  Do you contend that the act of
compilation does not loose  (useful) information?  Or, maybe something
in between?


Faré wrote:
> If some of you are still interested in working on TUNESy ideas, here
> are some general projects that you may want to work on. More
> suggestions welcome, and/or pointers to things that already do most of
> the work.
> * Work on Slate, give it a decent virtual machine implementation
> * Start from Ian Piumarta's COLAs (or the same idea), and build some
> interesting language implementation for, e.g. Slate, or a good Lisp
> system.
> * Start from Movitz, build better system abstractions on it or for it.
> * Start from Exscribe, show how a high-level language can benefit a
> domain where the only programmable system (TeX) is a complete mess.
> * Start from Philip-Jose, the "farmer" I just wrote, and extend it
> with fork() and a better communication protocol, so as to get
> Erlang-like concurrency in Lisp
> * Starting from some Lisp compiler, implement the "user-declared
> safe-point" protocol from my thesis, and build a reflective
> implementation framework with reversible compilation, etc.
> * Starting from some expert system, build some expertises for
> analyzing and refactoring programs, e.g. abstract interpretation,
> partial evaluation, deforestation, aspect-oriented programming, logic
> metaprogramming, etc.
> * Build a library (for Lisp or Slate) combining a monotonic fragment
> and a linear logic fragment, and build user-visible abstractions from
> that.
> If we build up a bit, we may be in a situation that we can apply for
> GSoC sponsorship next year. We missed 3 such events. Mea Culpa.
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