TUNES website in GIT

Tom Novelli tnovelli at
Sun Jul 20 19:29:23 PDT 2008

Over the weekend I got around to something we've been contemplating for 
a while: importing the website from CVS into GIT.  I also pulled in the 
CLiki/Wiki snapshot, cleaned up links, stripped out the edit/view source 
links, etc.  I rewrote a few top-level pages in reStructuredText and 
wrote a Python script to build the rST and SGML pages after editing. is the result, and you can clone the source from

There are a few things left to be dealt with...
- Install GIT on the server :-)
- GIT commit hook
- Building /papers/WhyNewOS/ ...?
- Building PDFs...?  Do we care?
- Use tunes.css instead of rST's style sheet

That's all... I'll resume when I have some more free time.
- Tom

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