[virtmach] Implementing VMs efficiently (aka an attempt to revive the list)

davorin.rusevljan@zse.hr davorin.rusevljan@zse.hr
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 11:27:20 -0200

At 14:55 02.02.2000. -0600, you wrote:

>What are people's thoughts on trends in using dynamic optimization
>or some form of hardware support to implement virtual machines?

I think that Crusoe holds great oportunity to development of efficient
VMs, but it seems to me that things will not go that way.

_IF_ transmeta would open up it's codemorpher to third parties in form
of published api that would allow VM vendors to plug pieces of codemorphing
for their VMs that would install in crusoe, like transmeta's own JVM demo,
that would be real enabler for many VM languages and VM vendors.
I think they would would find it appealing to implement their VM's as 
crusoe plug-in.

But, it seems to me that transmeta is not thinking about opening
codemorpher. And chances of them implementing for instance Smalltalk
VM seem very small.

Davorin Rusevljan

could result in flourishing of new generation of
efficient VMs. For instance, Smalltalk vendors could provide efficient
their own VM