[virtmach] Your VM

MickaŽl Pointier virtmach@iecc.com
Mon, 28 May 2001 09:12:17 +0200

[Disclaimer: I only have access to this mailing list since one week,
so perhaps I will write stupid/already asked things]

> > Beasts VM:  I'm afraid not.
> > Creatures VM:  Well, if you buy a copy of Creatures...
> So, why do you think VM with it's own code was a better implementation
> option for Creatures than say interpreter, or encoding behaviour of your
> objects over some domain-specific library? ;-)

What is the difference between a VM and an interpreter ? For me a VM
is a "byte code interpreter", so I do not understand the distinction.

I'm very interested by all forms of language
I'm working in video games, and in the last years I worked on byte code
compilers and interpreters for some video games (mostly "Time Commando" and
"Little Big Adventure") but I wonder if the design choice I made were
and if I could learn things that would help me improve the efficiency of the

Sincerly yours

    Mickael Pointier