Win Torres unlaa at
Sat Aug 11 03:23:15 PDT 2012

Are You Already Geting 3000% and more On THE MOST UNDERVALUED STOCK, Read 
something else. And If you dont care Quick Cash On this Monday, Aug 13th, 
ABSOLUTELY Don't Look at This.

V N D_B is hitting a 3,000% trading activity spike today, a sign of major 
shorting activity, driving the stock price under the where it should be. 
Meaning that as soon as they get to acquiring the stock back, the selling 
price will need to jump 3,000%. The momentum to get your piece of the pie 
don't happen better then this Monday!!!

As the shorters will get buying back the stock at the same rate as they 
short now, that is some +3,000%. Is there any better sign to start 
investing? The share price is less then the stock value and one can gain 
some wealth if you acquire V N D_B shares on August 13, this Monday, 

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