various thoughts

Marcus G. Daniels
23 Apr 1997 00:22:46 -0700

>>>>> "RC" == Richard Coleman <> writes:

RC> That is very convenient, since (as you say) you always have the
RC> standard Hurd environment (whatever that will be) to fall back on.

A POSIX/BSD superset.

RC> But I haven't look at any of the Hurd snapshots yet, so I don't
RC> know the feasibility of this.

Filesystems are implemented as translators and translators are user
level programs, so a filesystem could be implemented given an existing
Lisp implementation.  Besides being nice because one could use Lisp,
this would probably be useful for a hybrid Lisp/Unix environment
where, say, a subdirectory of files would represent the keys in a hash

Also, the Lisp implementation could install its own pager to optimize GC
performance (not swapping out unused bits), or to create a persistent