Sun Announces SunScript VM - Based on Tcl

Bill House
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 14:35:51 -0700

Mike McDonald wrote:
>   What makes you think Sun's TCL based scripting language is going to
> have any more success than your LVM? BTW, I expect to see a ton more
> announcements from various non-players about them having the solution
> to everyone's problems. They won't ammount to anything either.
I dunno about that -- I do get to make a nice living programming in Lisp using
our  LVM, and I don't even have to leave my Newport Beach backyard to do it.
Life is good.

As for "what makes me think", well, there are all those Tcl programmers out
there who now get to deliver browser-based apps. They will be just thrilled

Are you calling Sun a non-player, or just bashing me and Mike? 

Have a nice day.

Bill House
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