Kelly Murray kem@Franz.COM
Mon, 05 May 1997 12:00:24 -0700

> Well the question was: "How do I run TeX on LispOS to access all of
> those TeX files in existence?" Presumably the person is going to want to

The answer is quite simple, run TeX on a different OS.
By the time LispOS has become such a huge success that people are
seriously considering using *only* that,
TeX will have become obsolete ;)

Besides, the real answer is to write a tool that converts someones
TeX files themselves into something else, not try to run the TeX
system under the LispOS.  BTW, someone did write a Pascal->Lisp
compiler, and I had TeX running on my TI Lisp Machines.
I actually tried using it for a while, but I switched to running
it on one of my faster UNIX boxes instead.