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> > Clearly this is (a) a large difficult system to create, and (b) the sooner
> > it's created the better.  I know I'm underqualified to design such a thing, but
> > if someone out there wants to design an important high-level pieces of the
> > LispOS, it sure would be useful to figure out what facilities this would need
> > underneath as soon as possible.
> Not at all.  We redeveloped such a system (since our software was
> ported from Symbolics to SGI), and it works pretty good, and it is pretty
> small, too.

[My lispm memories are getting rusty, so bear with me]  Does it support all 
the Lispm facilities for creating patches, etc?  Could it be used over the 
Internet?  Does it have the ability to validate a user who's creating a patch 
(probably using public keys)?  Can it read from a mirror site either in 
preference to the primary site (actually, with logical pathnames, the answer 
is clearly "yes") or when the primary site is down (I suppose a generalization 
of the logical pathname concept would soft this problem)?

> > This would provide a whole new approach to distributed software development.
> > 
> > Just dreaming,
> > Chris
> This is reality, not a dream.

Great.  So, are y'all offering it for integration into the proposed LispOS?  
As I said, the earlier it's in the system, the better.


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