Remember the Flux OS toolkit? [Re: Model]

Dwight Hughes
Sun, 11 May 1997 00:02:40 -0500

| From: Marcus G. Daniels <>
| Flux simply scobs from existing sources; it's potentially valuable
| packaging.  The notion of using Forth is only partially for the sake

Flux does considerably more than that -- properly used and customized
it could provide most of the facilities we would need at what I would
call level-0 of a micro-kernel (hardware i/o, memory management,
hardware initialization, basic disk i/o) plus an assortment of
kernel support functions and kernel/cpu/memory console debugging
(and remote debugging), MultiBoot startup code, SMP library,
.... I very much recommend you taking the time to get their
documentation, print it out, and read it.

| of OpenBoot drivers.  Forth might also be a good way to develop a
| portable and efficient multithreaded kernel; they might even be
| complementary.

A Forth-stack-model based multithreaded kernel would not be the 
first thing I would try to wedge under a LispOS - its model of
execution would seem to be even more alien to a LispOS than Unix's.
Care to elaborate on this?