Portability (was Re: Unidentified subject!)

Martin Cracauer cracauer@wavehh.hanse.de
Mon, 12 May 97 19:34:52 +0200

Marcus G. Daniels writes:
> >>>>> "AE" == Andreas Eder <are@laphroig.mch.sni.de> writes:
> AE> At least Emacs is not an argument to use Scheme or Guile; with
> AE> CMU-CL comes Hemlock, which is a quite nice Emacs like editor,
> AE> that is written completely in Common Lisp. 
> Just who is maintaining Hemlock?  The Gwydion group?  A CMU CL hacker
> or two have make a patch here and there?  

At least two of the active CMUCL maintainers use Hemlock for their
Lisp work and keep it going (means: they actually fixed things after
CMU dropped it).

"Going" means: Hacking Lisp programs. I never heard anyone tried to
extend Hemlock for anything else. If someone implements parts of CLIM,
it will maybe integral part of a bigger framework.

What are you trying to suggest? Sure emacs and xemacs have many things
we want. But how will you use these for a LispOS?

I think the whole point is to have most functionality living in your
Lisp world and that certainly has to include the editor.

So the only option to use "real" emacs is to build a guile-machine,
which I am sceptical about, mostly for performance issues and because
I don't think you should build on OS on top the Scheme at all.

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