TOO MUCH VOLUME -- a proposal

Jean-Philippe Theberge
Mon, 12 May 1997 19:57:04 -0400 (EDT)

>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Wachowitz <> writes:

    Marc> Fare Rideau <> wrote:
    >> there is definitely TOO MUCH volume on the LispOS mailing list,

    Marc> If the flooding of people's mailbox is the problem, I
    Marc> suggest simply to carry this back to comp.lang.lisp and
    Marc> comp.lang.scheme, possibly with a common prefix in the
    Marc> subject line. For most people, newsgroups are probably more
    Marc> comfortable for a large volume. I don't have the impressions
    Marc> that we've got much to be kept secret, and I guess most of
    Marc> us are reading those groups anyway (if necessary with
    Marc> filtering or selection, and with threading). I don't mind
    Marc> either way, since I'm reading news and mail alike with Gnus
    Marc> in Emacs ;-)

A question:  How are newsgroups created?  
Is it possible to make a new comp.lang.lispos?
If so, i think this can be a good idea, i'm becoming overloaded with email too...

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