TOO MUCH VOLUME -- a proposal

Jean-Philippe Theberge
Mon, 12 May 1997 21:04:53 -0400 (EDT)

>>>>> "Marc" == Mike McDonald <> writes:

    Marc> Inorder to create a new newsgroup in the comp hierarchy, 
    Marc> you have to go thru and RFP process, followed by a CFV 
    Marc> stage. You need at least a 100 yes votes and you have to 
    Marc> have at least twice as many yes votes than no votes. The 
    Marc> votes are counted by an independant person. It's a rather 
    Marc> time consumming process. If you were to go that route, the 
    Marc> group would/should be called comp.os.lispos. Oh, you'll need 
    Marc> a charter too. A much simpler route is creating a group 
    Marc> called alt.os.lispos.  Anyone can create an alt group. The 
    Marc> problem is that not every site carries the alt groups, so 
    Marc> you've reduced the number of people who can participate. 

Please, send me URL  to faqs and informations  about  this and i  will
start the process  of obtaining a newsgroup for  us.   More info about
fare's idea of a newsgroup linked with the list can be great too. 

The comp.os.lispos seem to  me the best solution.   I dont think  we
should    worry too  much   about  non-member writing,  very technical
newsgroup like this one did'nt get spammed that much. 

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