path to lispos ???

Richard Coleman
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 23:25:11 -0500

> I agree.  If Richard Coleman is still listening I would like him to
> speak directly on the subject of his original goals on starting this
> project.  I seem to remember that the original idea was to make a freely
> available system which was similar in design and usefullness to the
> Symbolics/Explorer/Lambda environments.

I'm sorry I've been so quiet in this discussion.  I've busy recently
(I'm getting married tomorrow, and will be on my honeymoon all next

Although I got sidetracked on another project, I still have plans
for the lispos project.  I'll say more about it when I return,
but it is essentially the same as I said a few months back.

My plans are to start with CMUCL running on FreeBSD.  Initially,
you will need a FreeBSD machine in order to cross-compile the source.

Those are my plans.  If anyone is interested in this, there will
be plenty to do.  I'll say more when I get back.

Richard Coleman