Lisp vs. Scheme

Mike McDonald
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 21:42:58 -0800

>Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 21:57:59 -0600
>From: William Barnett-Lewis <>
>To: "" <>
>Subject: Re: Lisp vs. Scheme
>They key is, when will someone be able to say, hey I've got code that can
>_do_ anything Genera or Allegro or "X" can do. Not, I've gotr schem X Y
>or Z statically loading on some *nix kernel. Been there, done that, got
>the ugly t-shirt...
>(PS Scheme48 the last time around on this list, just in case you care.
>Couldn't _do_ squat w/it either... )

  Heck, I've had an account on my linux machine for 6 months called
lispm. It brings up X with one xterm running ACL in it when you login.
I guess I've had "LispOS" installed for half a year and didn't know
it! (Not to make to much fun of Rodrigo Ventura. What he did is a
FIRST step afterall. Now, if he can get rid of libc, then I'll think
the Schemers are getting started! I plan on doing the same with CMUCL
someday. But not first. First I have to get back to CLIM.)

  Mike McDonald