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Thomas Fischbacher> Sorry, guys, but there is one point I think that
Thomas Fischbacher> should be mentioned.
Thomas Fischbacher>
Thomas Fischbacher> You know the story about the Golgafrincham-B people's
Thomas Fischbacher> attempts to invent fire? Isn't that just what's going
Thomas Fischbacher> on here?

Yes and no. There is still an unstructured discussion going on, but when
the separate subjects of this discussion are isolated and structured, for
example the LISP vs. Scheme subject, the methodics subject, there is
plenty of hope that this mailing list will be able to come to some common
conclusions. (I will be back later for a proposal). Just now, there are
ideas popping up, and there have to be time for that before the organiza-
tion of some meeting rules. Let's call it brain storming, and be patient
for a while. The AROS project debated some years before coming to a con-
clusion (now they are hacking). The LispOS fans who are persistent and
patient enough will remain in this mailing list, probably not as long as
the AROS fans, before they will see the LispOS emerge.

Just now i will recommend not to flame, not to leave the meeting with
a discouraging saying "you are incompetent", to have as much facts in
your postings as possible, and not give any tendentios statements like
"every intelligent being can see that Scheme/LISP is superior to
LISP/Scheme". The ones who think this project is not going their direction
have to prove their standing points by making a kernel themselves or by
giving good technical argument for their view.

greetings (med vänliga häsningar)

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