Dan Odom
Thu, 8 Apr 93 22:53:01 CDT

>From the brain of Dr. Hayden came:

> Smaller than NT?  Now I know we said no more than 25% of total system
> resources, but COME ON NOW!!  And I also really really really wish we
> could make Moose look *JUST LIKE* Windows, too.  d;-)  (I'm sporting
> my new baseball cap in this smiley).

Geez, you mean we have to try to fit this sucker in to less than 16 megs
(I'm talking about just the kernel, of course.  No sane person could
be expected to fit devices in a mere 16 megs)?  Next you'll be telling
me that it has to fit in less than 3.5 gigabytes of hard disk space.  You
know, my art just can't be restricted by minor issues like system

And, yes, I agree that we should try to make it look just like Windows.
MS-Win has the __GREATEST__ user interface ever devised, and besides,
if the all-knowing Microsoft uses it, it _has_ to be good.  The
way those buttons go down when you push them just makes me giggle,
and the ability to put nude women up as wallpaper represents
a real innovation!

:-) :-) :-) :-)
Dan Odom -- Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

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