Windows Build Bug

Bill Sun billksun at
Thu Mar 10 22:38:26 PST 2005

I'm not very familiar with C++ projects, let alone with Visual Studios
C++ projects.  But I think I've found out why the windows build keeps
telling you that it cannot find/update slatevm.h.  Under the project
explorer, if you right click on the vm.h file, and goto
properties->custom build steps, you will see that under the command
line field the following DOS command is entered:

copy $(InputPath) ..\includes\slatevm.h

The $(InputPath) is the path where the vm.h file resides. The problem
is, $(InputPath) gives you long file names containing spaces at all. 
Under DOS you will need to enclose the path in double quotes, or else
it will not recognize paths with long names. So a simple fix like the
following will get the job done:

copy "$(InputPath)" ..\includes\slatevm.h

Now that the mystery is solved, I got 2 more problems:

1. According to the readme file, there should be 2 .exes in the Slate
root directory, however, I only have 1, which is the wdvm.exe.  The
wvm.exe file is missing, is this suppose to happen (in case the readme
file was not updated)?

2. I was browsing through the Jan. mailing list archive
(, and
found that a slate.exe should be created as well, but I also do not
have this file.

I am using the current build, downloaded today (3/10/2005).  Any help,
clarifications would be appreciated.



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