Windows Build Bug

Lendvai Attila Attila.Lendvai at
Fri Mar 11 04:19:50 PST 2005

:: copy "$(InputPath)" ..\includes\slatevm.h

thanks, I'll find the time to add that! and generally take a look at
windoze build...

:: Now that the mystery is solved, I got 2 more problems:
:: 1. According to the readme file, there should be 2 .exes in 
:: the Slate root directory, however, I only have 1, which is 
:: the wdvm.exe.  The wvm.exe file is missing, is this suppose 
:: to happen (in case the readme file was not updated)?

you need to change the active configuration (debug/release) and start a
new build.

:: 2. I was browsing through the Jan. mailing list archive 
:: (, and
found that a slate.exe should be created as well, but I also do not have
this file.
:: I am using the current build, downloaded today (3/10/2005).  Any
help, clarifications would be appreciated.

slate.exe is created by the unix makefile, iirc. but the name doesn't

- 101

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