SDL_gfx out of date, and ugly

Paul Dufresne dufrp at
Thu Mar 17 13:51:57 PST 2005

>SDL_gfxPrimitives is out of date, it is from an older version of SDL
>(possibly beta/cvs).
It seems I should not have trusted Ubuntu universe packages to
be up to date.

>I've removed the deprecated locally, but not darcs, nor
>in a patchable format.
Anyway you could simply send me your modified .slate files.
I'll merge it with my code myself.

>Perhaps, if it isn't straightforward enough for
>someone else to do it, I'll clean up what I have on SDL as well.
I did not like this sentence much. I feels like you say I am too dumb
to use the more recent version of SDL_gfx. Which in a sense was true.
I expect to change that, before the weekend. Not being dumb,
just using the latest version. :-)

>(setVideoWidth:Height:Bpp: -> setVideoWidth:height:bpp:flags: for example)
Oh maybe you were saying that I may be unable to change an H in h,
and a B in b.
Well, I could change the capitalization of letters.
But frankly for now, I care much about adding code to be able to poll 

P.S. I do have a patch for src/lib/external.slate that make it possible to
load SDL code. As was discussed in IRC logs. Now trying to see what's going
on with derivable.slate stuff before.


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