libSDL renamed to libSDL-1.2 and lost SDL README

Brian Rice water at
Thu Mar 24 08:40:26 PST 2005

I'll try this again today, thanks. All of this weirdness is from 
patches not carrying over correctly between main and alpha.

On Mar 24, 2005, at 4:27 AM, Paul Dufresne wrote:

> Please note that I changed the "default" name of the SDL plain 
> library, to
> now be libSDL-1.2 rather that of libSDL (the file need an extension 
> like
> .so or .dll). I expect this to avoid to add a symlink when installing 
> SDL.
> Second, it seems that for a strange reason, SDL README have disappear 
> from
> main and alpha. So I decided to include README as it is now here in my
> repository, and README.old as it was just before the last SDL patch I 
> send
> Brian and that he did have problems with changes on README.
> Note that they still include the 3 lines saying where to download 
> SDL_gfx,
> that someone (Brian) did removed. (Because I consider these two 
> libraries
> to be totally distinct, I did not see the redundant in having those 3 
> lines).
> I hope these could help untill the problem is fixed.
> --Paul
Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development

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