machine architecture

Raul Deluth Miller
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 10:49:41 -0500

I've been thinking about organization issues, and it's been amusing to
note some similarities between my concepts for organization and my
concepts for the machine implementation.

Anyways, I think individual contribution should be emphasized.  As I
observe GNU efforts, I notice that the successful ones tend to have a
few stellar people who do a lot of work and act as a focal point, with
an umbrella of other people who chip in and help. [But this does not
mean that the focal points remain constant.]

Basically, we need to allow people to help out.  Beyond that it's a
matter of goals.

Now, perhaps, the selection of goals should be buried in a layer of
rules, hierarchy, and administration.  Personally, I favor a more
open, light-weight system.  Also, since we're people, if at some time
there turn out to be conflicting goals I expect that people will form
groups around each of these goals and individuals may choose to
participate (or not) in these separate groups.

In other words, I don't favor a highly developed organization process
which is independent of the goals it's supposed to achieve.

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