machine architecture

Mike Prince
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 10:07:58 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 3 Nov 1994, Raul Deluth Miller wrote:

> Anyways, I think individual contribution should be emphasized.  As I
> observe GNU efforts, I notice that the successful ones tend to have a
> few stellar people who do a lot of work and act as a focal point, with
> an umbrella of other people who chip in and help. [But this does not
> mean that the focal points remain constant.]
> Basically, we need Ato allow people to help out.  Beyond that it's a
> matter of goals.
> Now, perhaps, the selection of goals should be buried in a layer of
> rules, hierarchy, and administration.  Personally, I favor a more
> open, light-weight system.  Also, since we're people, if at some time
> there turn out to be conflicting goals I expect that people will form
> groups around each of these goals and individuals may choose to
> participate (or not) in these separate groups.
> In other words, I don't favor a highly developed organization process
> which is independent of the goals it's supposed to achieve.

My intention is not to throw anyone off by these wordy rules.  I just 
want to cover all the bases.  But the bottom line is if the rules are 
distracting, they are bad.  I'll look over them again and see if I can 
make them less intimidating.

Let me just reiterate the way I woould like things to work.  A new person 
jumps in.  S/he reads through the posts and is interested.  Based on the 
subject line of the post that person can download the "charter" for that 
group and figure out what it's aiming to do.

The charter should be minimally restrictive, just let us know what its 
about.  Someone else posted earlier (I'm sorry I forgot who) that people 
take ideas and go running with them, coming back a week or two later with 
a basket of code.  They don't check in every day with their progress.  
That's what I'd like.  

If someone has different ideas then they are free to start their own 
project with a charter, as simple as sending a mesage to the secretary 
saying what they want to do.  It would be created, announced, and their 
followers could take their discussion to the new topic.

I'm sorry if I'm beating you over the head with my ideas.  If you can 
think of how you'd like the organizaion wording to go, please send me a 
copy.  I didn't write it because I'm a control freak, just because I 
thought we needed it.

Talk to you soon,